My experiments with gardening

Trying to grow a garden and get rid of the tag 'plant killer'

About November 22, 2011

Un petit jardin… a small garden. This blog is exactly about that..

My aim is to grow a kitchen garden. I would do all in my power to make this garden thrive .  I met a nursery guy near my house who basically supplies all sorts of outdoor indoor plants but not herbs, vegetable plants etc. He says we cannot grow any vegetables in mumbai. They need open field and you cannot do that in a balcony.  He says if you grow cabbage, it might give leaves but never the vegetable, 4-5 tomatoes but not more than that. I want to prove him wrong. I will try and try till I can harvest a bounty.

Mind you, this is not just to prove him wrong but also to get rid of the tag ‘plant killer’ (My husband calls me that.. I seem to kill mint all the time..I don’t know why it dies…for its supposedly hard to get rid of .. it invades the garden it seems… I wish it would invade mine)





3 Responses to “About”

  1. nehaseth28 Says:

    hi sushma.
    i am some what like you for plants..but a beginner..
    i felt good reading your updates.
    i stay in royal palms,goregaon(e), can i cum & see your plants.also if you can guide from where do you get all those herbs.
    i have been trying really hard but invain.
    i am working person, so its bit difficult to go for far places.
    lookin 4 ur reply

    • sushmaDJ Says:

      Hello Neha,

      You are most welcome to my place. I am a beginner too…it is just that due to better temparatures these days I have lots of germination and good progress in my plants. I stay near gokuldham. You can email me your number( so that we can meet up when we are free.

      I’ll write in detail where to get supplies etc. I have been meaning to write it but have been busy with a few things.

      Thank you for your encouragement,

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