My experiments with gardening

Trying to grow a garden and get rid of the tag 'plant killer'

Hello! January 9, 2016

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It has been a really long time. I am gardening again after a gap of 3 years. Life came in the way..Anyway…Now I have lemongrass, mint, button rose, aloe vera, Mogra and holy basil.

I have planted a radish from market when it sprouted leaves in the fridge. Did it yesterday so I am not sure if it will survive.

I have planted lots of sprouted onions. They seem to be ok as of now. Lets see if they can stay 3-4 months at-least.

The mint has been going strong since more than 6 months. Mogra had a whiteflies attack. It is recovering now.

I have plans to plant some fennel and fenugreek. This time I do not want to plant fruits and vegetables. Herbs only this time.


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