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Updates after ages! May 1, 2012

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I am so excited to post now…after such a long hiatus..So many things are happening and I don’t know where to begin!

Good news!

New entrant into the garden, Malabar spinach. Also called Bachali koora in Telugu. I think it is also called mayalu but I'm not sure in which language

FInally some 'fruit' of labour(2 bitter gourds)

After 1 month...thriving..Yay!!

I am really glad to announce that mint has finally invaded my garden!! YAY!! I stole got a small mint plant with roots from a public place :-P. It has grown and it has filled this pot! I am so happy…This picture is an old one, I tried to post earlier…I typed a really long one but lost it inspite of saving it…couldn’t recover it.

My first harvest of basil leaves for Pesto!

Can you spot the green cherry tomato...yet to ripen!

Bad news

Somehow chilli plants don’t survive in my home. Their leaves become all twisted and ugly and they don’t give even one fruit. All of them became like this so I had to uproot them. Had to do it!

I tried to grow a betel leaf sapling. Got one from a neighbour but it didn’t survive.

Anyway..that’s it for now! I will post very soon. I have been tagged by someone.. Yay! Next post will be in the honour of the tag.