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Want to learn gardening professionally? February 27, 2012

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I know!

It is not rocket science and you do not need classes in it but but but…Any guidance is appreciated for amateur gardeners. We are pained and panicked souls..we worry at the sight of pests, spotted leaves, dying seedlings and refusing to germinate seeds.

So, coming to the point, I saw this ad in newspaper today.

The center for Extra-Mural Studies, University of Mumbai, is offering a two-month weekend course in ‘Garden Craft’ from March 17.

The course, designed for the amateur garden enthusiasts, will be taught by experienced horticulturists and garden experts. There are no age or qualification bars. The course will equip one to look after plants at home in a scientific manner. The last date of admission is Friday, March 9.

For details contact 022-26530266/022-65952761.

I saw the link mentioned and the course fees is Rs 6500 for 2 months. For me it is steep but I might do it after a few months if it is available. Also the timings are saturday 3pm to 6pm and sunday 10am to 1pm. Register at Kalina.

If you are interested do take it up and let me know how it was. I would like to take it too..


Updates after a long time February 22, 2012

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I know it has been ages since I last posted. So much has happened..I was travelling and my plants were taken care of by my neighbour.. etc etc

The cherry tomato plant is big now and has been transplanted  just now into the biggest pot I have. Also 3 brinjal saplings have been moved to bigger pots till I buy the ones perfect for them. Here is the photo.

Freshly transplanted

Of all the cucumber plants only 3 are left now because I had to leave them in my balcony while we went away. Cucumber plants throw vines and need support..once it gets attached to something you cannot move the pot so I had to leave them here. Only 3 survived the harsh summery days.

My flower seedlings(cosmos géant and mini sunflower) died inspite of my neighbour’s attention. I cannot sow them again because it is way too hot here  for something to germinate but I might try anyway.

Of the two chilli plants one has survived and is doing well. The other bigger plant(volunteer) is not well due to some disease. I am not sure what it is. The same thing happened to my jalapeño plant and basil plant also. Basil is still ok, jalapeño has died and this Chilli might die too. I cannot see any insects or anything so not sure what is up with it.

I am very proud to show the following picture. My first harvest(If I can call it that..)

Spinach and chives

Spinach is doing well. When I saw onions with sprouts, I planted them in pots and I have been getting chives regularly.

Also, My aloevera has 3 small saplings of aloe and if anyone wishes to have them I would be glad to share it.