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New tidings in the new year! January 29, 2012

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I would like to put up the before and after pics of many of my plants. The weather has been much better in Mumbai. They say it is winter but I would call it an odd weather pattern which is helping germination a lot.  I have got so many seeds to germinate and my plants are doing much better.

God works in mysterious ways. You know I had 3 cherry tomato seedlings. I planted 2 good ones with care in pots and one I discarded. After all my work I glanced the discarded seedling and I felt sorry for it and just planted it in the cup because I did not want to waste my pots. The other two promptly died and this one was just hanging in there. I thought it might give up but one day it started growing and it surprises me everyday with its growth.

You know sometimes while gardening you think you can be God by deciding which seedlings to keep, discard or to give away some saplings because you have too many but you may never know which will work and which will not. You’ll never know the outcome. It is best to keep every seedling, sapling because if not, you might be left with nothing. You know I had 23 cicoria seedlings, I thinned them out to 1 per cell and now I dont have even one. They all died. I don’t know what went wrong. 😦

Really love the pictures. With less care from my end and occassional glance they became this big. I had leaf miners in cucumber and cherry tomato. Promptly disposal of leaves helped in control. Now, I have whiteflies in Cucumber, Hibiscus and Tulsi. I am not spraying anything and still thinking as to what to do. Maybe I’ll set up a fly trap.

In my next post I’ll put the details of all the shops, resources for gardening in Mumbai and surrounding areas.

Cherry tomato plant(Left one taken on 31st dec. Right one taken today)

Showing first true leaves

Ready for transplant into a bigger pot

Single chilli seedling on 31st Dec

Chilli seedlings today

Young cucumber seedlings on 31 Dec

Much bigger with vines

Voluntary(I did not plant seed) chilli plant

Voluntary seedling on December 4th