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Progress and my other ‘kills’ December 31, 2011

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Beautiful true leaves showing here

Cucumber seedlings are showing nice progress. Pretty soon I might have to introduce support for their vines. And also…the graveyard pot has come to life here with 4 cucumber seedlings.

Cherry tomato seedling with the true leaves

The cherry tomato seedling is also showing its true leaves.

Spinach seedlings are showing true leaves.

Out of some 20-25 seeds sowed in there..Only one germinated

Brinjal is going to show true leaves next week.

Cicoria seedlings are showing true leaves.

2 of the cosmos géant seedlings survived my touch.

My kills:

I killed parsley in repotting. I read online that parsley has a long tap root and it needs a deep pot. My pot was some 4 inches deep so I tried to repot it into a deep one and it died.

I killed all of my okra plants after transplantation. The ones in the yoghurt cup are the only ones alive because ‘I did not touch them’.

Most of my basil seedlings have died in transplantation. One or two might survive but you never know.

All 3 of my mini sunflower seedlings died in transplantation. Sowed the seeds again in soil mix this time to avoid transplantation.

All of my dianthus seedlings died again in transplantation. Again sowed the seeds in soil mix to avoid yes…the transplantation.

My Jalapeño pepper plant died. It just succumbed and I don’t know what happened.


I kill more than I grow and I wonder how I’m helping the global warming cause!

Anyway.. Happy new year everyone! I hope we all stick to our resolutions.. which brings me here..

Gardening Resolutions for the new year:

Grow Rosemary, Thyme and Mint from cuttings.

Reduce the gardening expenses by finding someplace to get soil without spending money on soil packets.

Try to be organic as much as possible and to spray less.


Start composting because it reduces waste and expenses. I can use the compost as the soil mix for plants.


I cannot think of anything else…I will update as and when I think of anything.


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