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Taking stock! December 14, 2011

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I have read all my old posts and made a list of all seeds I sowed. Let me tell you it is pathetic. I have planted Chinese cabbge, Thyme(twice), Tomato, methi, capsicum, chives(twice), spinach(twice), brinjal and basil. All of them failed!

There might be hope for spinach, brinjal and basil but I have no hope for others.

The cicoria seedling is still small.. I wish it gives more leaves soon.

I planted brinjal and spinach seeds today. I have left them open and did not cover with plastic. Let’s see.

The three tomato seedlings.. I am worried..2 of them are showing signs of giving up.

I have to get flowering plants and some nitrogen rich fertilizer for spinach and cicoria. I will post some photos pretty soon.

The good news is I have 5 small coriander seedlings with good improvement. I think ‘Ignorance’ is the key here. If I ignore my plants they thrive. Apparently too much attention kills or rather too much of MY attention kills anything!


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