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Seeds seeds and more seeds! December 12, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — SDJ @ 6:58 pm

I have sowed some more seeds of chives, spinach and basil. I know I’ve a basil plant but I sowed them anyway.

My cicora seedling has sprouted.. yippee! It is really beautiful. Now is the toughest time for both of us. It has to battle Mumbai and it’s weather.

I have transplanted my tomato seedlings and let’s see how they fare. They are very young to transplant but what to do…I had 3 of them in one slot and they were very leggy so had to transplant them.

I have a feeling that the oregano plant is not oregano at all…It smells funny and it is not ground hugging as oregano is supposed to be…

I think this calls for a trip to the nursery…

The pests which I reported earlier…I do not see after neem spray. I hope it stays that way.



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