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Disheartened but still going on.. December 9, 2011

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I have not post anything because I was depressed about the condition of my plants..

Spidermites on Spinach and hibiscus(very difficult to get rid of them on this plant). They were on holy basil too but got rid of them with help of neem and insecticide

Whiteflies on Jalapeño and chilli plant. Spotted them just yesterday. I think those were the reasons why jalapeño was just hanging in there..

Aphids on curry leaf plant. Earlier I pruned all the branches and new leaves that had aphids and some brownish flies. They came back. I have some kind of spotting on few leaves as well.

All of this depressed me so much that I felt what is point. I read so many blogs and books on gardening. Everyone seems to grow so much stuff but I ate few curry leaves from my plant and nothing else..

But..the new day came with some hope. I potted the oregano. The cherry tomato seedling is out and I might get another seedling as well. I sprayed neemastra on all the plants with pests.

I planted some capsicum and chive seeds. The other seeds which are still to sprout are thyme, cicoria and methi.

So what if  I am unable to harvest anything(as of now..) or grow much..  I am tending to many plants in various stages.. I have few plants which are not giving up on me..Basil, oregano, holy basil, parsley, aloe vera and a white flower plant. I have spent a lot of money on all the material for gardening. I might be able to go ahead with the experiments for many more months so I will just wait for things to perk up. If  not anything..they are purifying the air at my home.

I think I will have to get dill or fennel and few flowering plants so that they attract beneficial insects to eat up the pests. It seems a mixed garden is the way to go to avoid pests.

I have planted a few more mint cuttings..

Never give up!


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