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Fertilizer ahoy! December 6, 2011

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Finally got fertilizer for the plants. It seems to be a slow release fertilizer. He gave me from his open stock so no idea about the proportions but I think the NPK are of same ratios but not sure how much percentage.

Next time if someone tells me you can grow lettuce in Mumbai I think I’ll shoot them. The fertilizer guy had 2 varieties of lettuce seeds but I did not buy it.. I can’t go through another heartbreak. Au contraire, I bought seeds for ”chicory” or cicoria(catalogna frastagliata). I could not get Endive frisée so this was the best alternative. I will plant it tomorrow and see if it can germinate and grow. If not then I’m going to try in the monsoon. It gets cooler then.. un petit peu.

Things to do

  • Put oregano in a pot/container. It is still in black plastic bag
  • Sow cicoria

I have pot which is like a graveyard for anything I put in it. It used to have a wonderful tulsi plant which died when we were away and forgot to give it to neighbours for watering. After that disaster.. nothing grows in that pot. It had mints, lettuces, herb cuttings and seeds which never showed any sign of growth. I wonder what to do with it..complete change of soil or put loads of compost or manure or just throw it away?

BTW, the store also had seeds for leeks. I’ll have to read about leeks and see if they can survive here.

PS: I have sowed cicoria and thyme(again!) seeds today.


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