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A better day in garden! December 5, 2011

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I have pruned holy basil(Tulsi) plant so that it gets bushier. The sweet basil plant is looking better and I have pruned that too.

I had got 6 plants from my last visit to nursery of which 3 are showing progress (spinach, oregano and parsley ) and the rest 3 are hopeless rosemary, thyme and..

Iceberg lettuce

Dear lettuce…I’m sorry darling!  It’ll never workout between us.. You would be happy with the nursery guy. He’ll always take better care of you. (Unless by some miracle I’ll start living in cooler places with even cooler winters then there will be hope for “us”). I’ll always love you. 

Jalapeño pepper is still hibernating and so is my other chilli plant which I got from a roadside vendor. It has 2 small chillies but they are not improving at all. They are very small.

My yellow hibiscus has lots of leaves but no buds. I think it needs some fertilizer. The curry leaf plant which had aphids… I pruned all the stems which had bugs so it is looking better again.. I need to repot it though because there are 2 curry leaf plants in one pot …I realized recently.

I planted 2 methi seeds today.

**Hush hush** I see the sure sign of the hook.. cherry tomato c’mon!

The seeds for the cherry tomato are from a supermarket packet of cherry tomatoes. I forgot to use them so all of them went bad. I saved the seeds and planted 2 of them. They are showing improvement within 2 days. I think it is better to always save your own seeds because they sprout better than the shop ones.


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