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Solution for overwaterers! December 1, 2011

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Overwaterers! As if it is a word.. It is, if you are a gardener and killed plants due to overwatering. There is hope for you!

Found a website called “Urban leaves”. It is basically an initiative towards community gardening and they do really good stuff. They have given many tips and tricks for beginners. I liked their idea about recycling plastic bottles as a container for plants..check this link. The coir rope or nadi helps to maintain moisture at the optimum level in a plant.

I have tried to do the same and have 2 plants in plastic bottle containers. One mint cutting and one thyme sapling. I really hope this mint generates roots and the thyme survives..I got it from a nursery and it is half dried up which I take it as half-dead due to my “killing” ability.. I really hope it lives.

I read somewhere that talking to your plants helps. I know.. this will be last step..once it is taken my husband will brand me as a lost cause and take me to a hospital. Prince Charles is rumoured to do this.

Planted 2 cherry tomato seeds today. Will update if I succeed.




One Response to “Solution for overwaterers!”

  1. naina tara Says:

    hmmm.. Even I read abt “talking to plants ”
    I actually believe in it 😀 but still … don’t risk… i know my jeeJA JI :-p

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