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What do I have in common with a terrorist?? November 30, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — SDJ @ 7:23 pm

Well…apparently…the common thing between terrorists and gardeners is that they need fertilizers..

I need them and there is only one shop in whole of Mumbai that will sell some fertilizer and sales are really restricted. I’ll have to go there and see for myself if I can get a packet.

My cabbage seedling and spinach sapling both need nitrogen to grow..

The bad news is thyme is almost dying(sapling from nursery), rosemary is drying up but I guess I can shift it to a cooler place..

Basil and oregano love my balcony. They can survive the intense heat.

Curry leaves with aphids, I’ve treated it with pesticide and put it in separate balcony to save my other plants.

What else…I really want to start composting but I’m nervous about it…silly I know… I need a huge drum with loads of holes but do not want to waste a new drum for that… so looking for options! meanwhile my plants have got some orange peel today… will put some eggs pretty soon.


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