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Lettuce in Bombay! no way! November 29, 2011

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As I search on the internet, I see that the lettuce needs 10 to 20 degrees C to grow..

In Mumbai, in the so called “winter” the temparatures are 25 to 35 degrees C.

How ? How? and pray tell me how does the nursery guy has amazing looking lettuce saplings which turn dead as soon as they come to my balcony! His nursery is cool because of the shade net and loads of plants but how cool can it be? I think it might be a  23 degree C but definitely not less than that!

This is the third time I have almost killed my lettuce saplings. Twice earlier they were dead and this time it’s half way there!

The mints(the small saplings which I got from my m-i-l) have all but died. When I uprooted them, I saw one healthy looking root so I hastily planted it so I guess in a few days time it’ll die too.

The only good news is one seed has sprouted, I think it is the chinese cabbage but we’ll never know until it shows more leaves. I got oregano, thyme and rosemary from nursery. Let’s see how they fare.


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