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Patience! and loads of it… November 24, 2011

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Oh boy!

Did I know that gardening involved loads of patience? Maybe not.. I knew it was lot of work, messy and sometimes costly but patience.. You always want to see new things… new leaves coming up or buds coming up or seeds germinating(I’ve failed here completely… almost 98% of my seeds never germinate).. It is difficult.

I take pots and examine minutely for any developments… I think things are going wrong, I freak out and then 2 days later, you see new leaves and you are like “ok! unnecesseary worries there!” I wish sometimes if plants could talk ..I mean just a minute indicator like ‘Doing fine today.. just a tad drop of fertilizer and splash of water.. if you don’t mind eh?’ or even ‘feeling queasy.. just leave me alone today…no water please’ 🙂

I know.. if wishes were horses…

Basil doing well with 2 small new leaves(I thought I was killing it the other day).. Jalapeño pepper(I repotted it so no solace for me till I see some improvement…)

No seeds germinating..tomato, chinese cabbage and thyme(the thyme seedling which I thought sprouted was actually a weed. huh!)

Inner peace! Inner peace! -shifu from ‘kung fu panda’


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