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Taking baby steps into the gardening world November 22, 2011

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Young Basil plant

I live in Mumbai and I’ve a small garden. As of now I’ve a curry leaf plant, 2 chilli plants(one jalapeño), one yellow hibiscus(severely sick with spider mites and no growth and flowers), one basil, one aloe vera, a bonsai version of a white flower plant(fairly c0mmon but name unknown) and a tulsi (holy basil).

I have several cuttings of rosemary, sage and thyme in trays and pots. potted them last week so they need few more weeks before we can declare them as success or failure..

I’ve sowed chinese cabbage, thyme and tomato seeds. one thyme seedling has sprouted but no progress on the others.

Let’s wait and watch


One Response to “Taking baby steps into the gardening world”

  1. naina tara Says:

    aaahaa.. Akka i knew u have a small garden.. BUT.. these no of plants for such a small balcony!! 🙂

    i thought u were just doing it .. but i realize “U R DOING IT 😀 “

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