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Trying to grow a garden and get rid of the tag 'plant killer'

What do I have in common with a terrorist?? November 30, 2011

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Well…apparently…the common thing between terrorists and gardeners is that they need fertilizers..

I need them and there is only one shop in whole of Mumbai that will sell some fertilizer and sales are really restricted. I’ll have to go there and see for myself if I can get a packet.

My cabbage seedling and spinach sapling both need nitrogen to grow..

The bad news is thyme is almost dying(sapling from nursery), rosemary is drying up but I guess I can shift it to a cooler place..

Basil and oregano love my balcony. They can survive the intense heat.

Curry leaves with aphids, I’ve treated it with pesticide and put it in separate balcony to save my other plants.

What else…I really want to start composting but I’m nervous about it…silly I know… I need a huge drum with loads of holes but do not want to waste a new drum for that… so looking for options! meanwhile my plants have got some orange peel today… will put some eggs pretty soon.


Lettuce in Bombay! no way! November 29, 2011

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As I search on the internet, I see that the lettuce needs 10 to 20 degrees C to grow..

In Mumbai, in the so called “winter” the temparatures are 25 to 35 degrees C.

How ? How? and pray tell me how does the nursery guy has amazing looking lettuce saplings which turn dead as soon as they come to my balcony! His nursery is cool because of the shade net and loads of plants but how cool can it be? I think it might be a  23 degree C but definitely not less than that!

This is the third time I have almost killed my lettuce saplings. Twice earlier they were dead and this time it’s half way there!

The mints(the small saplings which I got from my m-i-l) have all but died. When I uprooted them, I saw one healthy looking root so I hastily planted it so I guess in a few days time it’ll die too.

The only good news is one seed has sprouted, I think it is the chinese cabbage but we’ll never know until it shows more leaves. I got oregano, thyme and rosemary from nursery. Let’s see how they fare.


Patience! and loads of it… November 24, 2011

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Oh boy!

Did I know that gardening involved loads of patience? Maybe not.. I knew it was lot of work, messy and sometimes costly but patience.. You always want to see new things… new leaves coming up or buds coming up or seeds germinating(I’ve failed here completely… almost 98% of my seeds never germinate).. It is difficult.

I take pots and examine minutely for any developments… I think things are going wrong, I freak out and then 2 days later, you see new leaves and you are like “ok! unnecesseary worries there!” I wish sometimes if plants could talk ..I mean just a minute indicator like ‘Doing fine today.. just a tad drop of fertilizer and splash of water.. if you don’t mind eh?’ or even ‘feeling queasy.. just leave me alone today…no water please’ 🙂

I know.. if wishes were horses…

Basil doing well with 2 small new leaves(I thought I was killing it the other day).. Jalapeño pepper(I repotted it so no solace for me till I see some improvement…)

No seeds germinating..tomato, chinese cabbage and thyme(the thyme seedling which I thought sprouted was actually a weed. huh!)

Inner peace! Inner peace! -shifu from ‘kung fu panda’


Taking baby steps into the gardening world November 22, 2011

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Young Basil plant

I live in Mumbai and I’ve a small garden. As of now I’ve a curry leaf plant, 2 chilli plants(one jalapeño), one yellow hibiscus(severely sick with spider mites and no growth and flowers), one basil, one aloe vera, a bonsai version of a white flower plant(fairly c0mmon but name unknown) and a tulsi (holy basil).

I have several cuttings of rosemary, sage and thyme in trays and pots. potted them last week so they need few more weeks before we can declare them as success or failure..

I’ve sowed chinese cabbage, thyme and tomato seeds. one thyme seedling has sprouted but no progress on the others.

Let’s wait and watch